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My Voice on Independence Day in Belarus.

March of Justice, Minsk, Belarus

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Today, my article is not about computer code but about coded Belarusian officials who celebrate today's independence day of the land where I was born.

Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus is celebrated each year on July 3.

This date is tied to the date of July 3, 1944, when Soviet troops liberated the city of Minsk from the Wehrmacht's troops and restored Soviet authority in that city.

Independence Day of Ukraine on August 24. On this day, August 24, 1991, Ukraine ceased to be part of the USSR.

The number of elected Presidents in Ukraine since 1991 is five (5). The number of "elected " Presidents in the Republic of Belarus since 1991 is only one (1).

Given the two above facts, the date of independence and the number of elected presidents, it is fair to say that Belarus is a truly independent state. Or rather, it is a state where nothing depends on its citizens.

Extraordinary event

Every day, we are the ones who were born, whose relatives or friends live in Belarus, read the news about this Republic, which is becoming independent of its citizens faster and faster, but very strongly dependent on the Moscow Kremlin.

Moscow Kremlin

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Here comes today's news of a new “independent step” in honor of independence day:

"The Head of State noted that he instructed the border forces to block the border with Ukraine completely. “What's striking: a huge number (which I talked about last year, many people didn't believe me) of weapons are coming from Ukraine to Belarus. Therefore, I have instructed the border forces to block the border with Ukraine completely", Alexander Lukashenko said

For those who know about Ukraine from the news of the military conflict in the Donbas region, this news may not seem strange. But those who have crossed the border of Belarus and Ukraine hundreds of times, by train, car, and bicycle, know about the control procedure of Ukrainian border guards since 2014, where even an extra pack of cigarettes is almost impossible to carry out. And for them, this news will be more than strange.

Although, probably, this news will not be strange for them either, since they have information about what is happening in Belarus from first-hand sources, not from the newspaper "Sovetskaya Belarus". No, it's not a typo. In an independent state, the major state newspaper is called "Sovetskaya (Soviet) Belarus".


In June 2021, the Kyiv University of Architecture and Construction held a scientific-practical conference dedicated to the International day of environmental protection. Of the 16 members of the scientific committee, there were five (5) scientists from the Republic of Belarus.

Based on this small fact, I am sure that those who devote their lives to protecting our planet not from "Polish tanks" or "Ukrainian arms", but real threats to all humanity; there are no borders and will not exist.

It is often said that Presidents come and go, and political regimes are changing too. It's just a matter of time. And then it's essential to preserve the planet because there will be no human without a planet, and therefore there will be no regimes.

That's why, for me, the actual Day of Independence is the Day when human activities cease to destroy the planet, and we will all live together in harmony on this planet.

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